• Tax Planning and Consultation
  • Tax Preparation for:
    • Individuals
    • C-corporations
    • S-corporations
    • General and limited partnerships
    • LLC’s and LLP’s
    • Non-profits
    • Religious Organizations
  • IRS/State Tax Audit Representation/Consultation
  • In-depth Tax Research

tax-formTax Planning and Consulting – Tax planning is a year-round process and we are available to consult with you daily, monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your needs. We recognize the fact that the legal complexity of the world today requires careful planning and that staying informed is the key to staying ahead, so we welcome your questions at any time of the year.

Tax Preparation – We prepare tax returns for all 50 states as well as almost any type of Federal return that you may need to file. You can rest assured that your tax return will be handled with care and reviewed before they are presented to you for filing. We also complete any tax filings needed during the year (i.e. 1040-ES, Sales & Use Tax, etc.)

IRS/State Tax Audit Representation/Consultation – In the event of a tax audit by the IRS or any of the State taxing authorities, we are here to either represent you or consult with you to help ensure proper resolution of the matter.

In-depth Tax Research – We provide tax research for clients who have complicated tax issues that must be researched before any action can be taken.